Data Protection Policy & Privacy Policy for Ponteland Repertory Society

Ponteland Repertory Society undertakes the following:

All paper and or digital membership records will be kept securely and held only for the length of the membership (maximum 12 months).

Information held will be used only for Ponteland Repertory Society purposes, and will not be disclosed to any third party without the member’s written consent, except as required by law.

Only essential contact information will be requested from members, and members reserve the right to withhold any information, providing an alternative acceptable form of contact is provided.  As a minimum we require an email address for all members.

Members and/or past audience members will only be contacted by email regarding forthcoming Ponteland Repertory events if they have given consent on their membership form or through the TicketSource website.

We may amend our policy from time to time, although if there are any significant changes to the use of personal information we will always firstly seek permission.

We will pass your name and email address to a web services company for the sole purpose of maintaining a membership database and you accept this as part of your membership of Ponteland Repertory Society.  These details will be kept securely and not be passed to a third party.

Further details regarding the GDPR regulations can be found at