Improvised Comedy is a new venture for Ponteland Repertory Society.  Founding members Suzie Neve and Jason Long have been working behind the scenes delivering improv workshops to rep members, with their debut show ‘The DisREPutables’ performed at Ponteland Memorial Hall on September 15th 2023 and a follow-up show performed in Heddon at the  Knott Memorial Hall on February 3rd 2024.

Suzie explains, “This is another string to our bow. As a society we act, sing, and now offer an unscripted comedy performance. Our weekly workshops have been running since May. The first few weeks were focused on the basic principles and then we started to explore short form games – some of which you will see in the show. I really look forward to the workshops as I spend most of it laughing, it’s a great way to end the week.”

The show in September showcased the talent of rep members and brought improv into the Ponteland community. As the show host, Suzie guided the audience through the game format and also got suggestions from the crowd.  It’s a very interactive show, and each performance is an exclusive ‘one off’ never to be repeated again!  Look out for our upcoming shows!