Audition Notice

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ‘A Tale as old as Time’

by Tom Whalley Pantomimes
Directed by Hayley Grant

Venue: Ponteland Memorial Hall, Darras Road, Ponteland, NE20 9NX

Performance Dates: Friday 17th November – Sunday 19th November 2023 (4 performances)

Rehearsals: Main cast rehearsals: Thursdays (7-9.30pm) at The Badger, Street Houses, Ponteland Road, Ponteland, NE20 9BT; Vocal rehearsals (if and when needed) Wednesdays at The Badger (Time TBC); Additional rehearsals added closer to performance date (timing TBC)

Meet & Greet: Thursday 4 th May 7pm at The Badger. An opportunity to meet the production team and find out more about the various roles and the show itself.

Audition Details: 7pm on Thursday 11th and 18th May at The Badger. Audition pieces will be provided by character. If the role requires significant singing, then a singing audition will also be required – material at the choice of the auditionee.


Tom Whalley’s pantomime follows the Disney version of the classic Grimm’s fairy-tale – with the addition, of course, of some classic pantomime characters – Nanny Nightnurse our ‘Pantomime Dame’ and the ‘Buttons’ character Brie. Beautiful Belle dreams of living the adventures she reads about in her books. When she becomes the prisoner of a monstrous beast, her hapless father and best friends Brie and Nanny Nightnurse must rescue her from his clutches and from his collection of enchanted objects! However, the beast was once a handsome, yet vain prince cursed by a wicked enchantress; doomed to remain a monster until he learned to love. If he could have a change of heart before the final rose petal fell, the spell would be broken…but who could ever learn to love a beast?

Characters in order of appearance (description and ages)

The Beast/Prince Claude: Male/Female/Non Binary; Acting Age 25+; Lines 77; Musical Numbers:
A vain prince under a spell that enchants him into a monstrous beast. A character haunted by his past. Quick tempered and prone to anger. Angry at what he did to himself and often takes it out on others. Despite this he has an inner beauty and nobility of character which is gradually revealed as his relationship with Belle develops.

Sacre Bleu: Male/Female/Non Binary; Acting Age 30+; Lines: 40; Musical Numbers: ‘I put a spell on you’ (Hocus Pocus version)
The wicked enchantress. Sultry and evil. Sacre Bleu is the antagonist of the show who turns Prince Claude into the Beast and is determined that he will not escape! A classic pantomime role whose presence and character will be expected to draw the usual audience ‘boos’ and have a level of spontaneity to react accordingly.

Spirit of the Mirror: Male/Female/Non Binary; Age 16+; Lines: 23
A kind spirit. A ‘Fairy Godmother’ character who serves as a foil to Sacre Bleu and helps Belle and her friends out when they get into a tight spot.

Belle: Female; Acting Age 16-25; Lines: 122; Musical Numbers: ‘Now I see the Light’ (Tangled)
The heroine of the show! Intelligent, loving, kind, brave and friendly. A dreamer who wants a life full of adventure. Loves to read and has a vibrant imagination. Devoted to her father. Very beautiful.

Professor Phiippe: Male; Acting Age 40+; Lines: 114
Belle’s father. A genius with his head in the clouds.

Franque: Male; Acting Age 25+; Lines: 58
The town Lothario. Handsome yet big headed. Loves the attention he gets from the girls in the town. Quite cruel and malicious – has romantic intentions for Belle – but does not take his rejection well and uses Belle’s interest in the Beast as an opportunity for revenge.

Clochard: Male/Female/Non Binary; Age 16+; Lines: 26
Franque’s moronic lackey.

Brie: Male/Female; Acting Age 16-25; Lines: 142
The ‘Buttons’ character. Belle’s best friend and the child of Nanny Nightnurse who serves as Professor Philippe’s aide. Brie is a likeable and comic character who will need to develop a strong relationship with the audience.

Nanny Nightnurse: Male (to play as a female); Acting Age 40+; Lines: 131
The traditional ‘Pantomime Dame’ role. Nanny Nightnurse is Belle’s Nanny and mother to Brie who comes to her rescue in the Beat’s castle.

Sale: Male/Female/Non Binary; Acting Age 25+; Lines: 43
An officious salt cellar. A bit of a grump and a stickler for the rules! Forms a bit of a comedy double act with Poivre.

Poivre: Male/Female/Non Binary; Acting Age 25+; Lines: 52; Musical Numbers: ‘Cabaret’ (Cabaret)
A pepper mill. Suave yet sneezy! A kindly soul who tries to make Belle welcome and provided a calm foil to his companions Sale!

Fourchette: Female; Acting Age 40+; Lines: 42 Musical Numbers: ‘A Thousand Years’ (Christina Perri)
A fork. The former castle cook and mother to Cuillere. A kind, motherly woman, always looking out for other people.

Cuillere: Male/Female/Non Binary; Age Under 16; Lines: 6
A teaspoon. Young, innocent and a believer in true love!

We are also looking for a chorus aged 16+ who are interested in singing and dancing in some ensemble numbers which also include some small speaking roles.

Audition Notice: Beauty And The Beast