By Lesley Eltringham

It is with sadness we report the death of another long serving member of the Rep. Anne Havis was without doubt one of the premiere actresses of her day, a true force of nature and a star wherever she went. Aside from her achievements, of which there were many, she was a multi-talented director, coach, but above all a lovely person, warm, friendly, but not afraid to point out that lines had to be learned well in advance of rehearsal. Anne was never one to ‘gush’ with praise: if you received a compliment, then you had had to work for it. However if you tried your best then she would support you through thick and thin. Members learned so much from her.  Ponteland Repertory Society was immensely lucky to have such a talent working within it and helping to guide it as a company.  Anne’s devotion to her beloved John knew no bounds. What a formidable partnership that was and what a support she was to John, devoted until the end.

Anne Havis